Zeta Phi RHo.png

Zeta Phi RHo

Organization Founded: March 23, 1996

Chapter Founded: August 10, 1995


Zeta Phi Rho is an Asian-interest, multi-cultural fraternity that takes pride in its strong brotherhood, familial atmosphere, and constantly strives to maintain its place as a brotherhood of distinguished gentlemen. From its inception in 1995, strong and independent students have come together to challenge the notions of a negative Greek system stereotype and strives to build leaders and brothers from men.
Zeta Phi Rho provides countless benefits to its brothers, ranging from social, academic, philanthropic, and networking-related opportunities. From the connections made between brothers of all chapters, to the connections made with members of other organizations all across Southern California, to the connections made between brothers of Zeta Phi Rho and the community in general, Zeta Phi Rho has cultivated a tight knit network founded on the distinguished gentlemen premise.